Plated Channel Set Eternity Ring

Plated Channel Set Eternity Ring

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Widows 3rd Ring

This Plated Eternity ring will no longer be offered in the Widows Ring Collection.

It is such a good ring that in the future we may carry it in Silver.

The plating does wear with time and I am replacing them with either Sterling Silver or Steel which is a better solution as the widows are wearing these rings for a year or more, not for the 3-6 months I initially thought they would be worn.

If you are unsure if the idea of a Widows Ring would be a  benefit to you, order one of these discounted rings and know that you will begin to breathe again and it feels right.

Adding a 3rd ring to what is already on your finger is an answer to the Question, "What do I do about my rings?" 

It makes more sense to me to add rather than lose one more part of my life.

A new widow needs time to transition into the new woman she will become, she should not have to explain why she still wears rings - a remnant of the past.  Checking off the "widow" box should not be the only way to identify her. A widow's ring, a 3rd ring says who she was, is and will be without words.

The Widow's 3rd ring is a social change that gives a widow her identity, she can wear her rings for as long she is feels it is appropriate.  It may not be the answer for you but hundreds of women have found more than "a ring".Sold hundreds and not one has been returned.

SELL-OUT $19.99

Channel Set Black Cubic Zirconia Eternity Band

Almost 1/4" wide

Gold Plated

Rhodium Plated

Black Rhodium

Sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

At this price Stacking 2 rings together is a great option.