Your Heart Hurts and You Are Wounded by Grief

In All The World Here is the Only Place Healing Rings can be Found

Designed by a Widow for Widows & For Those with Broken-Hearts

A Touchable, Visible symbol of love endures each day with me.

Peace, an achor, a connection that allows silent acceptance.

I breathed, slept, and smiled for the 1st time when the ring settled into it's home.

I felt the "Rightness" and Knew this was what I had been missing.

I had to share these heaven sent blessings- at any cost- with other souls.

My Journey Is Not Your Journey- Easing Your Pain- Diminishes Mine.

You can return for a refund... if it is not 'right' for you.....

FYI - All over the world in 1000 rings .. Not one ring has ever been sent back as an orphan.


Each Ring Has a Story of it's Creation


A 3rd Ring to wear next to your wedding rings to complete the story told on your fingers.

A Broken Heart Setting made of Teardrops- Patented Design

Meaningful Black Bands including the Serenity Prayer, Heart of Steel and Bridge of Tears

Spinning Prayer Wheel Ring - sends your sentiment above 

Stainless Steel Everyday Wear, Sterling Silver and Plated Fashion Jewery

My Best To You